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What is Life Journey?

A LifeJourney is a multi-month, mobile app experience that enables companies to elevate their star performers as mentors - at scale - so users can test-drive careers from golf's leading companies. The platform democratizes participation by making mentorship journeys accessible to anyone, anywhere regardless of means.   Experiences are highly scalable and measurable. LifeJourney offers deep and specific reporting around participant experiences, duration, commitments, etc. And the wide array of companies and industries participating shows the golf industry working together to dramatically improve the golf opportunity pipeline. Featured LifeJourney mentors are actual employees from all walks of life who will inspire the nation. 

What is MyJourney Golf?

MyJourney Golf is a custom LifeJourney for the golf industry, and the technological hub of our industry’s Make Golf Your Thing initiative. MyJourney Golf enables millions of people from teens through twenties to experience the journey of America’s high potential and veteran leaders from the world’s top golf organizations.

How can golf companies support Make Golf Your Thing?

Companies select one or more employees to become LifeJourney mentors. Each employee views their selection as a huge honor and often shares the news. For each mentor, LifeJourney’s team creates their highly personalized, scalable leadership roadmap that’s intimately tied to your company’s broader journey. Once launched, literally millions can personally experience the mentor’s journey and what it's like to work at your organization.    

Who is the target audience of MyJourney Golf?

The goal of MyJourney Golf is consistent with that of the broader Make Golf Your Thing initiative: increasing the pipeline of next generation talent and inspiring them to pursue careers in the golf industry.  The mobile app has the ability to scale any company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and brings to life broadening hiring practices and golf’s impact. 

How long is the LifeJourney experience for the user?

MyJourney Golf is a multi month experience as each user travels through 9 levels. Click here for a quick tour that shows examples of the experience.

How did LifeJourney enhance the pipeline of diverse candidates?

The National Security Agency (NSA) launched the first LifeJourney program called the NSA Day of Cyber to attract diverse candidates. It reached 5 million users in 9 months. 

Can I see an example of a Fortune 500 LifeJourney outside of golf?

Click here for the Lockheed Martin LifeJourney mentor example. 

Can I see a example of a PGA Golf LifeJourney? 

Click here for the Kohler Director of Golf Retail LifeJourney example.

How do people (Users)  get introduced to MyJourney Golf program?

Schools, partner youth organizations, trade organizations and participating companies will post invites - highlighting that LifeJourney is FREE for participants - on social media and internal company newsletters. The invites will be  highlighted MyJourney Golf messages to drive Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives in the golf industry.  The combined social media followers of these companies is in the hundreds of millions. 

What kind of reporting do companies and organizations receive?

Each participating association and company sponsoring mentors will receive metric aggregated reporting to include: Geographic Report, Diversity Report, Gender Report, Number of users seeking internships and career opportunities;

Who can participate in MyJourney Golf?

This initiative and program is open to everyone, with the target being high school through college to early career. All companies can include mentors as the industry has a broad array of careers directly in the golf industry (e.g. Teaching pros) and those that support it (e.g data analytics, social media marketers, etc..)

How long does it take to launch a LifeJourney?

After selection of the mentor, it takes 2-4 weeks to launch

How much time does a mentor have to dedicate a year?

3 hours

When will the program be introduced ?

The program will be announced during the 2022 PGA Championship week 

How will Make Golf Your Thing, Executive Sponsors be briefed?

LifeJourney’s exec team including CEO Rick Geritz will personally brief leadership.

Sample Golf Careers
Community Outreach

Companies in the golf industry will promote MyGolf Journey to their social channels. The total possible outreach is in the hundreds of million across companies, PGA pros and supporting organizations.


Geographic, Gender and Diversity Reporting 

By tracking and reporting on demographic data, we can identify areas where they may need to improve diversity and inclusion, as well as measure progress over time.

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